Educatieve Academie is an education and training institute located in Antwerp-Berchem. Since 1989, the organization offers a diverse range of (special) training opportunities. The training courses and workshops cover the broad field of spiritual and relational growth. Educatieve Academie offers a four-year Practitioner Training in Conceptual Interaction, Year trainings, Short Trainings, Supervision and tailored trainings for counselors and psychotherapists.

Educatieve Academie is legally a non-profit organisation (non profit associations) under Belgian law.
General address:

Hilde Vleugels (president)
Bruno Van den Bosch
Pol Van Helsen

Bruno Van den Bosch, general manager
Hilde Vleugels, management member

Planning, finance & co-ordination: Stéphanie Van Hissenhoven
Accounting: Lieven Tiebos en Stéphanie Van Hissenhoven
Administration: Hajar Asad
Communication: Christophe Batens
Projects: Birgit Beutels
Catering and handyman: Werner Bal

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Therapeuten in de Interactionele Vormgeving (V.V.T.I.V.)
President: Jan Jacobs

Buurtservice In de Weer vzw

Educatieve Academie appeals to therapists and all those who assist people or follow a course in that direction (psychologists, doctors, educators, drama teachers, educators, social workers …). At the same time it is intended for those who, outside their profession, is interested in self-realization: how to define and develop ourselves in relation to others and as part of the universe.

Educatieve Academie seeks a connection between the various trends in psychotherapy starting from an integral humanity. Besides having an eye for human behavior, the academy attaches importance to the inner life of man. Beyond attention to the uniqueness of every person, we also focus on the collective, the common. We consider the values, meanings, the ethics of the group to which the individual belongs, and the externally observable interactions between members of a system. We strive to offer a variety of practical and theoretical frameworks that seeks to broaden and deepen the perspective. The Academie aims to be a meeting place for people with different perspectives and backgrounds. A center where differences can exist without falling into indifference or lack of respect. We want (to train people) to continue to see the ‘man’ behind the “disease” or “the problem”. We see it as our task to create a platform where everyone can himself find answers to its most essential questions. Conceptual Interaction seeks to assume the balance of form (individuation) and releasing fixation on solid concepts.

Educatieve Academie is housed in an old cigar factory. The infrastructure and the classrooms are stylized (concept and realization) and features artwork by artist Theo Dirkx.

Educatieve Academie is housed in an old cigar factory. The infrastructure and classrooms were stylized (concept and realization) and provided with works of art by visual artist Theo Dirkx (until December 2021) and Katrien Cassiers (since January 2022).