the universe is in love with me – Tris Gilis

Oud-I.V.-student, therapeut, schrijfster en kunstenares Tris Gilis stelt haar wonderlijke creaties tentoon op de Educatieve Academie. Haar gedichten vergezeld door mini-installaties zijn niet alleen op de Academie te bewonderen, maar werden ook samengebracht in de digitale dichtbundel the universe is in love with me.

Lees hier de dichtbundel.

Over zichzelf en haar werk zegt Tris:

I enjoyed the writing process as a teenager, and subsequently forgot about it for decades. I discovered a spiritual side to myself in my twenties, only to bury that too while weathering the storms of life. When I trained to become a therapist, I started writing again. I write and create mini-installations as expressions of my poems. But mainly, I’m learning to tune myself to inspiration and my inner well of wisdom, instead of to the smog of impressions around me.

This is a collection of inspired texts on life and how to live it. On how to communicate with others, on how to forgive and love ourselves. They aim to give pause, or encouragement and hope. And the awareness that we are all in this together.

These texts are intuitive and inspired. They stem from the inner well of wisdom, we can all learn to trust.

I hope you enjoy reading the texts, I enjoyed writing them.