Umbrella associations

  • On a national level Educatieve Academie is accredited by ABP-BVP, de Belgische Vereniging voor Psychotherapeuten. This means ECP holders can use all short and long trainings given at Educatieve Academie as accreditation hours.
  • On an international level Educatieve Academie is accredited by EAIP (European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy).
  • Educatieve Academie has been accredited by the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) as a European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI).
EAPTI certificate_500
  • Our specialized two-year course Tweejarige Opleiding Integratieve Kindertherapie has been accredited by the EIATSCYP (European Interdisciplinary Assocation for Therapeutic services for Children and Young People) .
  • Educatieve Academie has been accredited as a training center by the EAC (European Association for Counselling).

Professional associations

Interactionele Vormgeving is recognized by following professional associations:

  • V.V.T.I.V. (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Therapeuten in de Interactionele Vormgeving)
  • V.I.T. (Vereniging voor IntegraalTherapeuten)
  • NFG (Nederlandse Federatie Gezondheidszorg)


  • Since the academic year 2017-2018 and in collaboration with Hogeschool Vives, our four-year course for therapists is a POSTGRADUAAT PSYCHOTHERAPIE IN DE INTERACTIONELE VORMGEVING, INTEGRATIEVE PSYCHOTHERAPIE EN COUNSELING MET CLIËNTGERICHTE-EXPERIËNTIËLE BASIS.
  • Since 2016, Educatieve Academie works together with the Psychology Faculty at the Faculty of Legal & Business Studies of the Union University in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Health insurance funds

Therapy by therapists in Interactionele Vormgeving are regularly and regionally recognized by a number of the health insurance funds listed below. Please contact VVTIV for more information.

Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds
Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds 
Liberale Mutualiteiten
Liberale Mutualiteiten 
Socialistische Mutualiteiten De Voorzorg
Christelijke Mutualiteiten
Christelijke Mutualiteiten