Educatieve Academie offers a great number of trainings for therapists and caregivers. These trainings are given only in Dutch for the moment.

The four-year long therapist training in ‘Interactionele Vormgeving’ (I.V.) or Conceptual Interaction (C.I.). More information on I.V. or C.I. can be found here.

Annual courses for therapists and caregivers cover multiple therapeutic topics. You will find an overview of these courses below. The titles are listed in English. If you click on them, you will get explanations and details in Dutch, the language in which these trainings are given. You can also find an overview in Dutch here.

Finally, at Educational Academy, you can also participate in short, hands-on trainings and workshops for therapists and counselors. The program changes once a year and offers a mix of familiar therapeutic themes and new working techniques. You can find the current offerings here (in Dutch).